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Your agent in Japan.

Realestate all over Japan and All the world!

Welcome to nae-ark site. I am a designer and realestate agent from Kyoto, Japan. I am sure you are interested to buy or sell your house in some days i n your life.  Just keep in toutch! from Instagram so that you can always contact me when you go to Japan!



I am from Kyoto, Japan. I lived in Japan and now in Frankfurt, Germany.

I am your realestate agent for Japan.

Especially for those who wants to buy house or buiding in Japan.

My client is always kind and energestic and I am sure you are also with your visions on properties. Let me know what is your wish! and I am very glad to support you from overseas to Japan.

I lived in Japan, Finland, China,Germany. 

I have architectural background and local Kyoto info, so please feel free to contact me.

Do you want to live in Japan? or Expand business in Japan?

Your agent from Kyoto


Nazuki Millotat-Konishi

Licensed Archiectural coordinator in Japan.

Studied Architecture in Japan and worked for both Japanese and International company. Knowing Interior, Architecture and Design.

She was born in Kyoto, and knows about where is good place to 

invest or buy housings.

She is a member of RE/MAX Community Lab.

We work together with agent in Japan, and Each Professionals

so you are all backed up for your dream!

What you can ask 

Connect to Japan.

Universal design

Seek building to buy

Seek Apartment to buy

Seek Property

Housings to buy and sell

Site visit

Perchacing Process support

​Consturction estimation


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Contact us!

You can contact 24 hours from overseas from Japan.

We will contact you back soon!

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